What’s the Big Deal About Having a Mentor?

What’s the big deal about having a mentor?  Girls ask me that all the time.  So here are my TOP 5 reasons for you to have a mentor:

Number 5: A mentor is a person who has achieved many of the goals you have.  This woman or man can be your blueprint for a fabulous life.

Number 4:  A mentor has some wisdom to share and can steer you away from minefields and other potential disasters.

Number 3: A mentor has access to people resources you don’t have a clue about.  Doors you never even knew existed suddenly fly open.

Number 2:  A mentor can help you develop and work a realistic and long range plan to reach your dream.   Yes, an action plan with milestones and goals will help you  move from simply daydreaming to actually living that lifestyle you imagine.

Number 1:  A mentor will introduce you to a different way of thinking.  Oftentimes we surround ourselves with people who think just like we do.  If things aren’t going the way you want them to — with school, family, work, your future– maybe it’s time to throw something new into the mix.  New thoughts lead to new energies and new outcomes.

Mentors are the men and women who enrich your life.   It’s up to you to find the help that is out there.  Ask.


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