Guest Blogger: Kayla Edwards

The summer intern program has ended!  Today the girls are going back to school and we are really going to miss their energy.  Through mentorSTEM we have sponsored 4 students at the US Department of Transportation.  Today I am pleased to introduce one of the students as a guest blogger.

Kayla is a junior at Ballou High School in Washington, DC.  Here is what she had to say about her summer internship.


Hello.  My name is Kayla. Working at the Department of Transportation was a marvelous experience. Here are my Top Five experiences of the summer.

Guest blogger Kayla Edwards with mentorSTEM co-founder, Caronell Diew

  1. The People. I was introduced to a lot of great people. I was able to expand my network during business lunches and other events.
  2. Capitol Hill. During the internship I went up to Capitol Hill to have a luncheon with Congressman John Lewis. He talked about his journey during the civil rights movement and how he sacrificed to get where he’s at today. He is the voice of young people.
  3. Computer Skills.  I learned how to use Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. These computer skills will be very helpful for me to use during the school year.
  4. Budget Management.  I was able to learned about Budget Management which will help me when I go off to college to major in Business.
  5. Confidence.   With the help of many of the employees I worked with over the summer, I was able to build my confidence.

5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Kayla Edwards

  1. Your blog is wonderful!! It is great to be able to see the things you put up on your website–it’s actually something meaningful, so thank you for inspiring!!

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  3. WOW!! I love your blog Ms. Felicia Boyd, After two years of departing from DOT I still wow myself of the great opportunity of working with you and Ms. Nell. Now a as a sophomore at George Mason University I’m now proficient in the proper skills I needed to bring forward as a youth to your company. I’m anxious to hear back from you Ms. Felicia and again thank you for all the doors you opened for me.

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