Mentor Program goes to Capitol Hill

Earlier this summer, my good friend and fellow mentor Chanel Winston arranged for the mentorSTEM program to travel to the US Capitol for an Afternoon Chat with Congressman John Lewis of Georgia. During this visit with Congressman Lewis, he shared his journey as a civil rights champion, author, and community advocate.  He spoke eloquently about his role in the civil rights movement and the fact that he is the last living speaker that participated in the March on Washington.  This week is the 48th anniversary of that event and also the official dedication of the Martin Luther King Memorial.

Congressman Lewis advised this next wave of female leaders about the dangers of complacency in our society. He said that while his parents were always telling him to be good and stay out of trouble, it was time for a renewed sense of community engagement from young people.

“Its time to get in trouble,” Congressman Lewis said. “Good trouble, and necessary trouble.”

For the students that participated in the event, this was an opportunity to meet with a living legend.  They were thrilled and the Congressman was so gracious and generous…even coming out of a legislative session to take this picture on the steps of the Capital.  What a great experience!

Congressman John Lewis and mentorSTEM participants


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