mentorSTEM Graduate at Penn State

Caronell and I want to share an update on one of our mentorSTEM student interns from last year, Nia.  After spending the summer working with FAA, Nia entered her freshman year at Penn State University (major kudos!) and Caronell spoke with her yesterday while she was on a break between classes.

Nia is doing well and has nestled into college-life.  She has a full academic schedule consisting of six classes, including one on-line course:  French, Economics, English, Sociology, Composition, and Grammar.

Nia begins her day at 8:00 am, Mondays – Fridays.  She has three (3) classes on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and two (2) classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Nia is thriving at Penn State University

Considering she has a full schedule with a tough Economics course, when Nia is not in class, she is usually studying until 1:30 am– college life is challenging to say the least. Still, Nia manages to squeeze in a workout at the gym–she has a full student membership and wants to stay physically fit in hopes of joining one of the Penn State’s athletic teams in the future.  However, for now Nia’s focus is to stay on top on her classes and continue to adjust to college-life.
We are all proud of the successful transition Nia is making to college.  Nia asked us to extend her greetings to the new students (and future leaders) entering the mentorSTEM program this fall.


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