Up in the Tower with FAA

Girls…have you ever considered being an air traffic controller?  No?  Well check it out!  Imagine you are twenty years old,  you live in a first-class city, you dine at all the top-shelf restaurants, and you own a super-chic condo in the trendiest part of town. You’re saving money every month for that dream vacation to the Caribbean. Or maybe Milan.

mentorSTEM climbed to the top of the Air Traffic Control Tower at National Airport

This may sound like a fantasy, but earlier this month the mentorSTEM girls learned first-hand that this kind of fab life is well within reach.  Girls! If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a dozen times.  STEM jobs pay $$$ !!

Our team discovered first hand about the power of $TEM when we travelled to Ronald Reagan National Airport for a private tour of the air traffic control tower.  Hosted by our partners at FAA and spearheaded by executive Vaughn Turner (thanks Vaughn!!), mentorSTEM had a birds eye view of the airport and the surrounding Virginia and DC landscape.

During our visit, the FAA team at National Airport provided a lot of information about women and aviation.  A high point was meeting a young controller who had never attended college and was making 6 figures (that’s over $100,000/year) and was just about to celebrate turning twenty!  Amazing!

Want to know more?  We’ll be posting more information and photos about the event soon.  In the meantime…check out:

FAA Air Traffic Controller Job Opportunities


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