Project Based Learning

A hallmark of the mentorSTEM initiative is Project Based Learning.  Students work on activities designed to answer a question or solve a problem. These project activities provoke students to encounter concepts and principles in a real-world work environment.

Mentor Thuy Cooper with students

At our recent event at Ronald Reagan National Airport, mentors introduced a competitive, project-based STEM Activity, “Building an Airplane”.  The concepts behind the activity included  Team Work, Time Management, Effective Communication, Resource Utilization and Achieving Results.

Project Based Learning is generally done by groups of students working together toward a common goal.  In this case, the goal was to build a paper airplane that could actually fly!

The students really enjoyed and engaged in the project.  And, just like in the real world, the process was competitive. Performance was assessed on team basis, taking into account the quality of the product produced, the timeliness and process followed, and the final presentation.

So who won the project competition?  Drum roll….and the winners of the project, please…

Ms Diew with project competition winners

“Women on the Move’s Vice President, Caronell LeMalle Diew, (Center) is pictured with the winners from HD Woodson High School, Rozine (Left) and Quanessha  (Right).



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