American Girls Sweep the 2011 Google Science Fair

Wow!  The winners of the first Google Science Fair are naturally going to be awesome, but check this out…all three of the winners were girls from the United States!

The competition for this science fair was global and intense, with entries from more than 10,000 students from 91 countries submitted via the web.  How cool is it then that girls swept the awards!

Shree Bose from Fort Worth, Texas was both the grand prize winner and named best in the 17-18 category, and was honored for her research on improving ovarian cancer treatment for people who have built up resistance to a common type of chemotherapy drugs.  Naomi Shaw of Portland, Oregon, won the 15-16 category for her study on the effects of air quality on lungs, with a focus on people with asthma.   Lauren Hodge of Dallastown, Pennsylvania won the age 13-14 category for research on whether marinades reduce the amount of cancer-causing compounds produced by grilling meat. She found that lemon juice and brown sugar cut the level of carcinogens sharply.

How’s that for inspiration!


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