Personal and Professional Alignment

My good friend, Nancy White, is our featured guest blogger today.

Nancy White is a Training and Information Officer with the US Department of Transportation and an active mentor with mentorSTEM.  Prior to working for US DOT, Nancy directed elements of the Chemical Transportation Emergency Response Center (CHEMTREC®) and was Staff Executive for a voluntary national outreach effort focusing on assisting communities prepare for and respond to a possible hazardous materials incident.

Nancy recently delivered a workshop for mentorSTEM on “Alignment.”

What is alignment, you say? It’s about following your passion and following your passion is going to be the foundation for living your fabulous life!    Read on…


Align and Refine: On the Search for Personal and Professional Alignment

by Nancy White

Personal and professional alignment involves merging what you stand for/your core values, and what you love to do to create an atmosphere of total alignment in your life.  Being aligned helps you to enjoy the time you spend at work or at school more, leading to a higher quality work product, and access to new experiences.  It also makes you a better leader because you’ve identified the source of your passion, power, and purpose.

A first step to creating alignment is to identify what you stand for.  To answer this question, start by answering two other questions:

  1. What must you have in your life?
  2. What would you fight for?

Answers to these questions vary from person to person and there is no wrong answer.  A few responses I have heard in the past include:  friends, education, mentoring, kindness, trust, response, valuing people, resiliency, agility, caretaking, honesty, and integrity.

What are your answers?

The next step to finding alignment is to identify what you love to do.  Think about what makes you wake up in the morning, jump right out of bed and think…. WOW, I can’t wait to do what I have to do today! What is that?  What has made you jump out of bed? What do you feel like you ought to be doing?

A few responses I have heard in the past are: innovating, problem solving, designing, writing, working with people, and working with animals.

What are your answers?

No task is too big or too small when it supports what you stand for, is enjoyable, and provides an opportunity for growth.


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