Your Destiny in the New Year

This is a shout-out to my girls in mentorSTEM.  It’s your winter break and I’m sure you have been attending holiday parties and eating lots of food.  But as your vacation winds down and the new year begins, take a little of that down time to relax and reflect.  You are at a pivotal moment in your life.   Traditionally, the winter holidays– especially New Year’s Eve — is when we examine our life, realign our goals, and get busy making our dreams come true.  I hope you will take some time during your winter vacation to reflect on your road ahead.

The way you spend the hours of your day has a way of shaping your destiny. Your actions shape the choices you have available. Taking the road on the right will result in a set of opportunities and limitations that will be quite different from the ones on the road to the left.  What you think is a simple decision may open a future door or slam it shut forever.  That can be confusing, right?

Which path is the right Young black woman (cropped version)one to take?   What door is the best one to open?

This is where a mentor can be a valuable person to have on your side.  A mentor is a great sounding board.  She can help you chart your course, find your passion, and walk away from poor choices.

Even if you don’t have a mentor, start your reflection over the holidays by working on some of the exercises on this blog site.  Get out that 3×5 card and write down your 1,3 and 5 year goals.  Think about your talents, your passion!  Get in alignment!

Then, when you are back in school in January, I think you will find it a little easier– a little less confusing– to turn away from those questionable paths.  You know what your want your future to look like.  Fabulous!

What about you?  Are you paying attention?  Remember…in time, small choices lead to gigantic consequences.


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