Black History Month Event at Charles Sumner Museum

This month, in honor of Black History Month, mentorSTEM conducted a workshop titled “Black Legends in STEM”.  We were so grateful, once again, to have the support of Kenneth Stuckey, curator of the Charles Sumner Museum and Archives here in Washington, DC.

mentorSTEM events are centered around project-based learning, and this workshop was not an exception.  Concepts covered during this training session included teamwork, communications and developing an understand of the roles and responsibilities needed in civil engineering and architecture projects.

The Charles Sumner School is located on 17th and M Sts., NW and is a wonderful location for workshops and project-based learning events for students.  It is the official museum and archives for the DC public school system and houses pertinent memorabilia and artifacts.  Thanks again to Mr. Stuckey and his staff for all the support!

Kenneth Stuckey and Caronell Diew


2 thoughts on “Black History Month Event at Charles Sumner Museum

  1. Felecia and Nell,
    Please know that our Woodson Warrior STEM leaders-in-waiting and faculty sponsors were honored to be a part of this fantastic educational opportunity at The Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Lisa Anders for taking time from her busy schedule to enrich us in several components and aspects of architecture and related-techniques; and, thank both of you for the wonderful project-based learning exercise that followed—-and for your unwavering commitment, support and endless efforts in enhancing our young peoples’ personal, educational and professional development. We look forward to the next event.
    Thank you much!
    Ken Stuckey

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