Mentoring in Miami

Here’s a shout-out to the students of Miami Central High School!  We miss you!

Earlier this month I told you that we were heading to Miami, right? Well, when mentorSTEM arrived in Florida we received a warm welcome from Miami Central High School – “Home of the Rockets”.   We found that the faculty and staff there are truly committed to providing a quality education program and we had the pleasure to meet some awesome and ambitious students… all getting ready to attend college and prepare for bright futures.  Wow! These students were fabulous!  I have to say…we were so impressed by your professionalism, enthusiasm and competence and mentorSTEM can’t wait to work with you again!

And what a great workshop!  Hosted by Adrianna Carter of the US DOT Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, we worked with the juniors and seniors to develop short and long term goals through a serious of project-based activities.  This is all part of our special workshop titled, “Charting the Course: Your Personal Mission Statement.”

Our workshop was held on the one-year anniversary of a visit by President Barack Obama to congratulate Miami Central High for its improved school performance grade.  The school’s technology program and its partnership with US DOT are direct results of the Administration’s commitment to education and to making sure that every child is ready for the global economy of the 21st century.

But not to digress…back to our workshop—> In order to “chart the course”, at our workshop we discussed each participant’s talents and values and vision.  Then, tying it all together we practiced that all important skill…verbal communications.  You know how important it is to be able to effectively communicate what you want and need in life, right?  After all, you never know who is listening, right?  In our workshop we practiced communicating our personal mission through what we call an “elevator pitch“.

What is an elevator pitch?  Well imagine you are a college freshman and you are riding on the elevator, heading to one of your classes.  Or maybe you are are attending a technology conference at a fancy hotel.  The elevator stops and in walks the Vice President of a major Silicon Valley company.  And wouldn’t you just love to get a summer internship there?

So the elevator pitch exercise gives you the confidence to introduce yourself and say the fabulous things about YOU in order to capture that VP’s attention.  Why does it work?  Because you have considered what to say in this situation, you’ve practiced, and you are prepared.

And you know what they say, right?  Good Luck = Opportunity + Preparation

All in all, it was a great day with the students.  Hearing the participants articulate their vision for the future was inspiring. But for me, the best thing about the day was the new partnership we now have with Miami Central High School and Adrianna Carter.  We hope to return to Miami-Dade soon.

And after the workshop…  A nice walk on the beach as the sun was setting.  Ahhh…Miami is fabulous!


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