Catching Up with Fabulous News!

April was a crazy, busy month.  I’ve been on the run and have seriously neglected our blog.  Because there have been lots of cool things to report and now I want to catch up with you on our new developments:

  • Like how we had a great seminar at Cardozo on Interviewing Techniques.  We coached to the students about first impressions and typical interview questions and Ms. Diew led a hands-on workshop on Dressing for Success in the office environment.  We tackled tough fashion challenges such as how to dress appropriately on those hot, humid Washington summer days when you want to wear flip flops and shorts.  But do you actually do that??  Nooooo!
  • Like how after that initial prep session how we held mock interviews with mentors and students to give actual practice in applying for a summer internship or nailing that college admissions interview.  Those were tough interviews.  But great preparation for the real world.  Because…
  • And here’s the the most fantastic news!  One of our students used the skills learned in our workshop during an interview with George Washington University and won a four year scholarship!  That’s right. A FULL four year scholarship with ALL the bells and whistles!

Congratulations to the GW scholarship winner (right) and to to all of our graduating seniors.  They all have great plans and success stories to tell.  And now after all of their hard work, we are ready to have some fun and celebrate our success.  Because that is how the fabulous roll, baby!

Watch out for pictures from our graduation party later this month!


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