National Transportation Week

Today, President Obama issued a proclamation to designate May 13 through May 19, 2012, as National Transportation Week.   The President called upon all Americans to recognize the importance of our Nation’s transportation infrastructure and to acknowledge the contributions of those who build, operate, and maintain it.

It is important that we recognize our reliance on sustainable transportation solutions.  As a nation we are only beginning to have a much needed conversation about investing in our transportation infrastructure.   As a STEM leader, you need to be part of that conversation.

We need young, talented professionals (yes, that means YOU), to help us improve our nation’s transportation systems. The need for strong and sustainable transportation networks has never been greater. And that translates to fabulous opportunities for you. Especially for girls studying in the STEM and Transportation fields.

Today,  less than 30% of professionals in engineering, computer science and transportation positions are female. However, most experts agree that women’s participation in the STEM and transportation workforce is essential to avoiding an employee shortage in the future.

mentorSTEM is all about preparing you for and connecting you with these opportunities.  Check out some of the links below to learn more about National Transportation Week and opportunities for careers in the field.

Fast Lane:  Department of Transportation blog featuring activities for National Transportation Week

STEM Jobs:  Article on future opportunities for STEM saavy professionals.


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