TransTech Academy Industry Day

Guest Blogger Caronell Diew participated as a speaker at the 3rd Annual TransTech Academy Industry Day, held May 10, 2012. 

I am happy to report that Industry Day was a complete success!!  It was my pleasure to participate as a speaker in several sessions.  I engaged with the TransTech students and shared information on my personal development and career with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The students were really excited to learn of the large variety of STEM career paths within the FAA, such as an Air Traffic Controller, Engineer, Statistician, Weather, Communications, and supporting major programs such as NexGen.

The FAA definitely has identified some upcoming STEM leaders from our group of students at TransTech Academy. I was very impressed with the students from Cardozo, who were energized and participated in a full day of listening and interacting with leading STEM industry Leaders.

Congratulations to all the school officials, industry and community leaders, and especially the students for an outstanding STEM focused Industry Day.  mentorSTEM is looking forward to participating in this event next year.


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