Tabula Rasa

For me, a start of a new season is a great time to check in with your goals.  Whether it is a brand new year in January,  springtime in April, or a new school term in September — the new season can be a great time for a fresh start.  Maybe it’s time to update your goals.  Or make some new connections. Fulfill your potential.  Create something great on that blank slate.

I have a great feeling about the times we live in.  All over the planet people who care are collaborating and combining forces to change the lives of women and girls.  And I’m feeling like 2014 will bring a tidal wave of change. There is a movement afoot — first inspired by the vision of Hillary Clinton, whose leadership has pulled the global spotlight onto a re-energized agenda for women.

Today, at every level of play, public and private organizations are stepping up to the plate.  From DC to Afghanistan and from Haiti to South Africa…we are inspired.  Committed.  Passionate about saving lives and educating girls and building economic opportunity and creating a holistic approach to the management of this planet.

We are at the cusp of something huge and amazing.  Women are leading the fight to end child marriage and address poverty and confront sexual terrorism and provide microloans to women and break into the corporate boardroom AND…to communicate how all of these issues are so tightly related.

I want to use this space to tell a broader story. To share not only what is happening to empower girls in our backyard, but also to connect with this global movement.  I welcome you to join me.


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